G. Immobilier de Prestige : Excellence from a Master Builder

G. Immobilier de Prestige is the culmination of a desire formed over the years.

Jean-Marc et Stéphanie Goubert
are born in Provence.

Strongly influenced by the Mediterranean treasures, they have been cultivating the knack for housing for 22 years.
Autumn and spring in the winter’s harshness
Listen with their heart the soul of their house.
This house which is theirs, in the swung rhythm of their union, teach them that each residence has its own history.
So is born their passion for stones; beautiful stones that become precious being loved,
So is born their passion for the land, a soft land that can give birth.
Then, over the years and encounters, culmination begins to take shape, to be conceivable, and is finally achieved :

G. Immobilier de Prestige.
G. Immobilier de Prestige selects properties that cultivate an exceptional beauty.

Each residence that you will visit has its own luxury.

Luxurious building materials, Luxurious architecture, Luxurious park or panoramic view.

Just luxury because you will fall in love.

Jean-Marc, , thanks to his experience in the art of building and renovating houses, whatever the materials, advises you beyond the aesthetic side. Estate agent, he helps you to sale your residence, your farming house, your castle, your vineyard or he looks for the property that will come up to your expectations.

Stéphanie, thanks to her pen and her eye, tries to find out the personality of your residence without unveiling it completely, so that every one grants his will.

Come to Mazan,
to meet us.


Estate agents specialized in selling exceptional and prestigious real estate

880, Chemin des Teyssières
Tel : 04-90-11-75-43 ou 06-61-11-30-58

Your estate agents, G. Immobilier de Prestige, , specialized in luxury real estate has gather together a selection of the most beautiful, exceptional and prestigious properties for sale in Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon, on the French Riviera, in Corsica, and everywhere else in France and abroad. All the properties for sale that you can see on this website are charming, prestigious, and exceptional residences with character.

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